Review of Advance Remodeling Inc.

The remodeling of the home is inevitable for all homes. It can be because you sometimes get sick of your old house and need something new and refreshing. Also, for older houses, sometimes, you have no option but the fix the things that have been not working for a while. Whether it is starting from scratch or adding a few rooms for starting your married life or when kids arrive in the picture or whatever the reason may be, the need for remodeling arises. If you reside in Baltimore or surrounding areas, Advance Remodeling Inc. is one of the names which comes to our mind.

A Remodeled Kitchen

Advance Remodeling has been in business since 1992, and the experience of over 25 years surely provides them a place in top remodeling firms in Baltimore, Anne Arundel & Howard County. Let us look at the services and other essential details of the same.

Available Services


You never know when the need to expand the space arises. Advance Remodeling will assist you in adding new rooms or expanding the existing ones. You can easily add a bathroom to your master bedroom using the space in the patio deck or porches.

Remodeling of Bathrooms

The bathroom also needs the redesign after some years. You can get the services of Advance Remodeling to change your bathroom. You have the chance to upgrade your bathroom the way you dreamt it.

Expanding Basement

You will wonder if you know that in many places if you expand the basement, it can double the available space of your living area. It can help your kids to play with freedom, a cool place for watching your favorite sport or even converting the basement into a home office.


Every house one or another time faces the problems related to Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation. And the issues related to plumbing and electricity is a regular issue for many houses. This is where Advanced Modelling can come to your assistance.

Other Services

Apart from these services, they also provide remodeling in the following fields.

  • Decks
  • Doors
  • Patio
  • Porches
  • Roofing and gutters
  • Siding and
  • Windows
Addition of Patio to a House

What Makes You Choose Their Services?

Advanced Modeling provides great services in all of its offerings. It is common to go through the pain of cleaning the things after having contractors do work in your home, but Advanced Modeling clears all the mess before they leave. And most importantly, if you are facing challenges in adjusting the funds, they provide financing options by partnering with multiple financing institutes.

Things That Make You Hesitate to Take the Services

Read the reviews online at places like Angies List and the BBB. There are a mix of 5 star reviews and 1 star reviews. We know that people are more likely to post a bad review than a good one, but it is worth reading through them. The most common problem people are facing from Advanced Modeling according to the bad reviews is unprofessional behavior. Not showing up as per the schedule is what people are complaining about the most. In addition some of the people were uncomfortable about the method they use when quoting a price. These criticisms can make you shy away from this service provider.


There is no doubt that they offer excellent service in most of their projects. However, some percentage of people have had problems. Of course, there are many opportunities for them to provide the best services; still, you can’t ignore the excellent work they can bring to your doorstep.

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